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so i just uhhh...

lost all my old art...

i put it on a flashdrive so i could reset my laptop a bit ago and hadn't transfered anything except this year's folder over to my new computer yet

as i was transfering the rest over my headphone cord bumped the flashdrive and pulled it out, corrupting the whole thing 🙃

so I no longer have access to any old art that i didn't upload online or only got submited on now-deleted accounts, which is quite a lot :/

hope I don't actually end up needing any of those files....

and any oc concepts i had in there saved for later are gone forever too...

the fact that all this art dissapeared in an instant from one little nudge is actually more devastating than when I lost that physical sketchbook by dropping it in the river. this is literal *years* of artwork i'll never see again, i've been trying to keep most of my art stuff since like 2015/2016