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hello waterfy'all

sorry for the continued absence, you know how school and work get esp on top of the whole pandemic thing :v

but i have come online today to bring you happy news! I got a capture card this weekend and I'm going to start trying to stream regularly ^^

this afternoon I'll be doing my first ever gaming stream!! I'm starting with the spyro reignited trilogy

sundays are the only days i am for sure free so the plan is to do game streams sundays and find other times throughout the week for possible art streams

(also imma start posting the streams on yt so during the stream I'll be asking what format ppl prefer for that)

hey hello waterfall ^^

sorry i haven't been on, depression n stuff got the better of me so i've only been going on low-effort sites like youtube and reddit

i'm going back to school next week tho, and the proper schedule (+ possibly a free counselor?) will def help me out and i'll be on and interacting and posting art before too long!

the fact that im still deliberating on going back to college this semester and classes start in less than a month 🤔

if i dont go i lose my state funding and have to start paying back student loans, but if i do?? i have the chance of making friends ig but the risk of getting sick is higher sooo...

seeing whatever being discussed on twitter and how ppl seem to be acting lately im big time considering just dropping out of college tbh. i cant learn well in online environments and it seems there's a good chance in-person classes wont be safe esp by next month

but dropping out means i have to start paying back student loans (or at least my dad does bc he used most of the money on the mortgage) and idk if the store is going well enough yet to support that. i dont even know who to talk to abt setting up payments

im glad im not in a big populated state but i still live p close to the capital city of mine and i certainly cant afford to not work

I'll discuss stuff with my dad after the 4th rush and probably focus on getting a new computer and commissions/streaming to maybe make some extra money?

any other college ppl (or adults who did the college thing) here??

i need some advice and my appt with my enrollment counselor isnt till tues

me: i really need to calm down and just get some work done

me: something? anything?

my brain: haha anxiety machine go brrrr

does anyone want a chibi or animal crossing commission in my latest style for a discounted price?? i could probably take 2 or 3 rn

examples: full , sketchy

i just need something to motivate me to get out of bed and get some homework done this week f

and by discount i mean price negatiable! normally chibis would be 8 to 15ish usd so i could go down to 5 for a simple colored sketch easy ^^

hey i just wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! sorry i havent been online ^^

school stuff is still crazy stressful but itll be over in like 2 or 3 weeks so

either i catch up by then or i fail and have to retake some classes later, which ik will suck but w/e i can deal with it (i can appeal for it to not affect my gpa bc of corona)

ill do my best to start getting school stuff done tomorrow and into next week and attempt to at least get a passing grade (which unfortunately is a C in all classes relating to my major, but a D in gen ed courses so i should focus on the majors ones first)

we're doing the last of my birthday stuff tomorrow bc my dad's off work so i will get cake n icecream and do a little bit of shopping

anyone wanna send me positive vibes today?

its my birthday 👉👈🥺

and im srsly stressing out about schoolwork... i had 3 math assignments due yesterday and a biology exam due today that i havent even looked at the material yet... plus several essays i havent started on... online learning is not easy on my autism lately... too many changes at once

filled out that thing for the stimulus check since ive never filed taxes (never had a job so i had no reason to) and i will be notified within 48 hours if i qualify ig

if i do get any money, im heading straight to best buy and getying myself a proper desktop computer bc my laptop is starting to fight me on simple stuff like connecting to wifi when i have hw to do

im a college student whos never had a proper job so what r they gonna do tho be like "o u already got govt money for school so u cant have any more"

so i should get it unless that month i spent at dollar general actually counts against me, i just dont know when bc my dad's not getting his till sept since he's self employed (which is totally dumb since it's an essential business and he needs the money now??)

so good news is

i managed to finish 2 of the 3 chapters due this week. the last one was just due at midnight and i looked at the clock 5 mins till with 50 questions left and just said fuck it my reading comprehension is shit when im tired and this class doesnt grade late work anyways

ill go back and do the rest of the questions 2morrow to help me learn the stuff but i might as well do it while im fully awake


i did miss the deadline for an essay and ive been psyching myself up to emailing the prof about an extension


tbh i think today was the first time since this whole thing started that ive been able to think straight and actually process information... and ive been out of school for 3 whole weeks (granted the 1st week was regular spring break but still)

i think i can start working on scheduling better now to get stuff done before the deadlines, but my anxiety is still playing fuck with my sleep schedule so there's rly no telling if i can hold myself to it


after my birthday i start working tho and that's gonna screw up my schedule again big time...

there's just too many changes happening too fast and im having a hard time adjusting

classes just got moved online for the rest of the semester sooo...

can i use the money i was saving for transportation to get new horizons on the day it actually comes out now??

today i found out i probably wont be going back to school for a month

spring break, then spring break round 2: the viraling, and then another 2 weeks planned for online classes

in-person classes arent happening until at least april 12th

i rly need animal crossing yall thats 3 weeks of being stuck at home with nothing to do but be depressed and dysphoric (im out at school but not at home)

but my birthday isnt till apr 23 and i cant afford the game without birthday money

if there is literally any way for one of yall to help me get money,,,,

maybe some commissions and tips?

or even me paying you back when i get my birthday money in??

went through my phone photography just now and i found like 40 pictures that i think are worth cleaning up ^^

wish i had photoshop right about now

maybe i can find some time to mess with it on a school computer that has ps?

i was half considering doing a thing where i did an art stream every day in march now that i've got a better set up but it's kinda late today and i have tests this week so maybe i'll shoot for once a week

also thinking about changing my streaming software bc streamlabs seems to have more integration options (but i *just* figured out how to get my current OBS working hmm) plus i think that will make it look prettier so i think i'll set that up tonight instead and maybe on wed i'll do a test stream to get all the settings right

if anyone wants to tell me anything terrible about streamlabs now would be the time to rip

opportunity -

currently im refreshing kissanime waiting for the new episode of iruma to be uploaded so i can watch it before starting my homework

it was supposed to be up between 2 and 3

it is currently 4:30

how long will i be at this?

certainly my brain wont be letting me work till i see that episode

opportunity -

autism brain is very upset that i set aside time to do something and it is not happening

cant do conditional things attatched to it either

opportunity -

finally the episode is up! it's nearly 8 now tho, that took a long time

imma watch it then take a shower and at last be able to work on hw !!

opportunity -

currently im refreshing kissanime waiting for the new episode of iruma to be uploaded so i can watch it before starting my homework

it was supposed to be up between 2 and 3

it is currently 4:30

how long will i be at this?

certainly my brain wont be letting me work till i see that episode

opportunity -

autism brain is very upset that i set aside time to do something and it is not happening

cant do conditional things attatched to it either

currently im refreshing kissanime waiting for the new episode of iruma to be uploaded so i can watch it before starting my homework

it was supposed to be up between 2 and 3

it is currently 4:30

how long will i be at this?

certainly my brain wont be letting me work till i see that episode


i just realized

im thinking abt dropping english and adding philosophy (as a block2 course) but not only will that cost me $90 a week for the 3 months of the class for transportation

that would be an additional $800-ish on top of that for the class itself bc my finaid is already rewarded and it's too late for refunds

i only have $120 left in my account rn and that has to last the rest of the semester for transportaion as it is ($30-ish a week)

so i guess that idea is a complete bust

i'll just have to find a way to not fail english?? difficult considering there's only 3 essays and i've already missed a lot of requirements for the first one ...

so uhhhhh

say goodbye to my mental health bc imma be panicking abt essays constantly

yeah i have homework due at midnight

but im watching pokemon now instead

still hasn't fully sunk in that it's really 2020 yet tbh, but i guess it is only the 3rd..

classes start back up in a week and half and I def want to try and be out this year properly (last semester I used my prefered name but only came out to a couple of teachers that offered the opportunity and close friends)

tbh I can't stand emails and really do prefer coming out face-to-face, but there's a pretty high chance I won't be able to see my teachers before the first day of class and them calling out my deadname to the whole class

I was really enjoying the feeling of no one else in class even knowing I had changed my name, but I guess being misgendered at home over the break has me on edge again.

I've been pretty inspired by lots of folks on reddit talking about working more towards their transition this year and I would really like to follow suit but other than my name there's really not much else I can do, and I know my parents won't use my name bc they rarely use my brother's and he's way more outspoken than me

@lerunechka gave me the idea original template

also as a rundown for how my year went i'll do a quick recap of each month

Jan- watched a lot of drawingwiffwaffles, right before first semester at new college

feb- not long after I discorvered the aro community on tumblr

mar- not much digital art got done this month, replayed skyward sword and was active in a zelda discord server

apr- replayed minish cap, zelda server started to die down a bit

may- just started being active on waterfall! watched an octo expansion playthrough

jun- summer break, lots of art happened between chibis and designing my dnd sona, stopped going on tiktok as much

jul- decided to start redesigning some old OCs, became very active in junktown for a bit bc I started with those characters

aug- classes happening, a couple more redesigns

sep- resurgence of homestucks on waterfall

oct- the hype for pokemon is real

nov- busy with classes but redesigned a few more characters

dec- haven't done any art this month yet, doing this while taking a break between finals

overall? I started off the year really strongly with several very detailed digital paintings, but it wasn't till i started this new major that my quality started going down. trying to do an art-related major completely ruined my motivation to draw for myself so i didn't get as much practice in as i usually do

next year im switching majors so hopefully i can get my stuff back on the up-and-up!

open a word document and suddenly I don't remember how to start an essay

hi i didnt do any of my homework this weekend and i was already behind bc of moving

ig moving took a lot out of me and im a little overwhelmed from being in a new place but not having anything at school change with it

just a little depression spell probably but my motivation is crazy low so im :(

ik i missed ncod but I was busy trying not to fall into a depression spiral again

moving is such a hassle and its even more stressful bc its midterms season and im falling behind at school bc of all this

but now we have like 10 days to get out and most of the packing i have to do myself bc my dad works so long and we can only do actual moving on sundays

i just want to get this over with and have time for myself again, but after unpacking ive got a crazy game of catching up to do for several of my classes