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first pride merm redux! just barely managed to finish in time for ace week lol

sorry abt the low quality, I'd usually post this in hd but i dont have internet at home rn so this was the best i could transfer to my phone

ok so i'm finally getting around to remaking and expanding my pride merms set, but i have a question for yall before i go any further than sketching

using the very first one i made as an example:

do you prefer clean and centered? (how i did the rest of the previous ones)

or with the name on it? (which makes it uncentered, but still is balanced)

(ignore the shading differences these were made at different times in the process)

also would u prefer handwriting (which will be a bit nicer than this one) or should i try playing with fonts for it??

An Anonymous user asked:

Sorry, I don't recognize some of the flags on your mermaids would you mind listing them in order??

yes of course!

https://opportunity.waterfall.social/post/275023 link to the post for anyone who needs it
in order:


achillean (mlm)

akoi/lithromantic (2 terms but with the same meaning and flag)






how did i just notice that i forgot to put the sapphic one in that post?? big oof on my part

btw i was planning on continuing the series with more flags but i got busy, maybe i will redesign and update all of these old ones when i do get around to doing that ^^

a proper reupload of all my pride merms (from throughout 2018)

there is still a post of them floating around here from a deleted blog as well as on tumblr

(didn't bother sticking them in the order created this time though)

also I just made a new redbubble and stuck them all on there!!