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first pride merm redux! just barely managed to finish in time for ace week lol

sorry abt the low quality, I'd usually post this in hd but i dont have internet at home rn so this was the best i could transfer to my phone

simplified a few things in Quark's design.

and look, clothes!

sketched up a little poe design when i first changed my username just for funsies, but i decided to color it today ^^

might use them as a mascot or smtn idk yet

first art on my new compter!!

and first time using clip studio paint too ^^ haven't tried any fancy settings or brushes yet, i'm just getting used to the layout still

this is the closest to looking like me i've drawn my sona so far i think? they're even sorta wearing clothes i own haha

added horns n wings to my fursona (plus updated their markings a bit) bc that's how i've been feelin

still need to make a better reference of the new design for artfight but i don't have the motivation rn

also this is the first time ive ever drawn them feral so i'm p proud of how it turned out ^^

also i made this "mary-sue rainbow gradient" version of them as a joke, but ended up kinda liking it so uhhh,, maybe this is how they fluoresce under a blacklight??

updated chibi commission sheet

Still need to work on finishing the regular style comm sheet, but i thought i should show yall this one now ^^

if there's anything super important missing from this that you think i should include, please tell me! i'm pretty new to commissions and not 100% on what needs to be on the sheet

quick lineless chibi for my new commission sheet ^^

re-redesigning a character for a possible future dnd game

they were originally a hs troll and then got redesigned for my main modern fantasy universe and now we're here ^^

(i should work on redesigning more of my old ocs, it's kinda fun and I have a lot of trolls and ponies to go through)

if you're curious, they're a changeling (the old definition where a child gets stolen and replaced with a fae, not a shapeshifter) and is most likely going to be a ranger

little Quark doodle i did before bed last night

a little late to the my fursona but animal crossing trend

completely overhauling the way i draw chibis again (this happens more often that you'd expect rip)

anyway here's a Bernie uwu

Bernie is my OC ofc

the new chibi style sort of combines the way i did them before with certain things i liked about the dqb2 icon and animal crossing styles and a few other bits i've noticed in others' art that i felt mine was lacking

i think it works a lot better than the last chibi i attempted, we'll have to see if it will stick lol

printed off this sketch by @x3 to color traditionally

it was a really cute sketch and i just felt like using some colored pencils ^^

kofi adopt test

a little test adopt to see if this is the way i wanna do it ^^

this is a cyop (choose your own palette) for 1 kofi or i can color it for you for 2 kofis

let me know if youre interested!

managed to finish my new banner for twitter etc. finally!

it's a fun lineup of bunch of my sonas!
(i'll actually give you a prize if you can guess all their names lol)

Toggle with pigtails that I drew during that test stream ^^


i have a soft spot for pony-shaped pokemon

this one's on my team in sheild currently and im still debating evolving it bc it's too cute (i named it Brick lol)

some aminals practice (...gotta appeal to the furries..)

ft. my fursona and an old minish oc ive only drawn once before

finished updating my herosona/bnha self-insert

couldn't really think of a good way to improve their hero costume so i just left it the way i first designed it, if you have suggestions lmk ^^

text in the pic if you can't read it:
[Pichariku Tenico. Alias: teleport hero, "Oblique". Quirk: "Portals", creates 2 connected portals up to the size of a person.]

Tenico, sometimes nicknamed "Pichu" by their friends, went to UA to be in the support course, but after a recommendation and some counseling ended up starting over in the hero course the next year. They plan to specialize in rescue and backup.

weakness: gets dizzy, motion-sickness, and migraines when they overuse quirk

ultimate move: multi-portal (creative name pending), opens several smaller portals that can have a number of switching connections so the tragectory is unpredictable to others.

for any fellow artists who may need it, here's my quick proportions study of the animal crossing style!

(used the renders released for new horizons. you might recognize some of the poses ^^)

drew myself a pretty dress while watching sailor moon last night ^^

i just made it to the princess reveal part and my hands needed something to do

this is actually my first time drawing ruffles!!

spent way too long on this when i should be doing homework ouo

this just in: sailor kuiper is baby

also going overboard on space backgrounds is incredibly fun

here they are! I love my girls!!

this is the main cast of the webcomic i started working on my last year of hs, it's slow-going bc i have no idea what i'm doing and i've been busy but progress is being made

(updated the designs slightly bc this is the 1st time i've drawn them since jan last year rip)

used design doll to help me make a more anime-y style just for fun, but the perspective makes their relative heights look kindof exaggerated so ??

if you have questions about my comic or the characters, feel free to shoot me an ask ^^