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simplified a few things in Quark's design.

and look, clothes!

re-redesigning a character for a possible future dnd game

they were originally a hs troll and then got redesigned for my main modern fantasy universe and now we're here ^^

(i should work on redesigning more of my old ocs, it's kinda fun and I have a lot of trolls and ponies to go through)

if you're curious, they're a changeling (the old definition where a child gets stolen and replaced with a fae, not a shapeshifter) and is most likely going to be a ranger

managed to finish my new banner for twitter etc. finally!

it's a fun lineup of bunch of my sonas!
(i'll actually give you a prize if you can guess all their names lol)

Toggle with pigtails that I drew during that test stream ^^

here they are! I love my girls!!

this is the main cast of the webcomic i started working on my last year of hs, it's slow-going bc i have no idea what i'm doing and i've been busy but progress is being made

(updated the designs slightly bc this is the 1st time i've drawn them since jan last year rip)

used design doll to help me make a more anime-y style just for fun, but the perspective makes their relative heights look kindof exaggerated so ??

if you have questions about my comic or the characters, feel free to shoot me an ask ^^

fabric practice :o

pose was made in DesignDoll

also working on updating this oc, the design didn't change much from the last time i redesigned her tho

this is Ismene, she's a witch that uses fibercraft (knitting, weaving, embroidery, etc.) to do magic!

i got sad so i decided to color some old-ish sketches to calm down

feel a lot better now, love these boys ♥

the blonde's name is Skye and i'd love to rant abt him but i'm too tired

and the wheelchair lad with the squirrel is Cedar and belongs to @obsessioninc who is never online here

Ok I need to stop forgetting to post stuff!

Here's some OCs I made

because I was thinking about the autism/robot connection and wanted to play around with it ^^

Mary is the girl with dark hair, and the light haired one is Izzie who is also a triplet (her sisters names are Gracie and Gemma)

Izzie and her sisters are androids created to study how social groups affect personality

I don't have a whole lot about them yet but maybe I'll play around with them in the future

some stuff:

Mary- mostly nonverbal/semiverbal, Izzie is her favorite person, doesn't like loud noises

Izzie- a bit outgoing, doesn't understand human social structures, very good AI but can get overloaded sometimes, considers Mary in a similar way to a SO

here's my dnd self-insert/tieflingsona! im lov them

true-neutral sorcerer traveling on a quest to learn more about where their powers came from

(they also have a staff and a cool-looking cloak but i haven't designed those yet)

oldish art - from january

a little experiment of a more painty style feat. my oc bernie