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hello waterfy'all

sorry for the continued absence, you know how school and work get esp on top of the whole pandemic thing :v

but i have come online today to bring you happy news! I got a capture card this weekend and I'm going to start trying to stream regularly ^^

this afternoon I'll be doing my first ever gaming stream!! I'm starting with the spyro reignited trilogy

sundays are the only days i am for sure free so the plan is to do game streams sundays and find other times throughout the week for possible art streams

(also imma start posting the streams on yt so during the stream I'll be asking what format ppl prefer for that)

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beefox asked:

hey no see you this week you okay want to make sure?

yeah sorry for not being online ^^ i started working last week and ive been sick for like 3 weeks now so i havent had the spoons for engaging in social media

ive checked my dash here and on twitter occasionally

but yeah im still alive, just tired. hopefully we can figure out why im sick before too long

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so like

i was planning on getting a job over winter break to save some money to get myself christmas christmas presents for once (I've gotten basically nothing but a t shirt the last several years)

but the only places close enough to walk to is stuff like goodwill,family dollar,tuesday morning, and 7-11

so not exactly good options bc i dont want a repeat of what happened when i worked at dollar general (i realize the environment might be diff bc this is a bigger town but??)

and now my dad's officially asked me to help out at his store for the holidays, which is what i'd prefer since im most likely going to own this place in the future anyways

the problem is

he probably wont be paying me at all for it

and that's not really a promising way to save up for the 3 switch games i want

so im at a bit of a loss

do i walk a block and back in the freezing cold every day to work a temporary job for a month that i will definitely hate

or do i stay here and not have to freeze my butt off to learn the family business that will help me in the future for no definite paycheck