Time ago

so i just uhhh...

lost all my old art...

i put it on a flashdrive so i could reset my laptop a bit ago and hadn't transfered anything except this year's folder over to my new computer yet

as i was transfering the rest over my headphone cord bumped the flashdrive and pulled it out, corrupting the whole thing 🙃

so I no longer have access to any old art that i didn't upload online or only got submited on now-deleted accounts, which is quite a lot :/

hope I don't actually end up needing any of those files....

and any oc concepts i had in there saved for later are gone forever too...

the fact that all this art dissapeared in an instant from one little nudge is actually more devastating than when I lost that physical sketchbook by dropping it in the river. this is literal *years* of artwork i'll never see again, i've been trying to keep most of my art stuff since like 2015/2016


@UnidentifiedBlog thanks for the suggestion but the way it corrupted the data was like mixing up the characters for weird symbols and not having it not accessable like what it was talking abt in that guide

i did the properties>check thing it suggested just to see if it would recover anything and it... broke it more?? it went from looking like all the files were there but inaccesable to a single 0 byte nonsense file so yeah, now the data is even more gone than before