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ok so i'm finally getting around to remaking and expanding my pride merms set, but i have a question for yall before i go any further than sketching

using the very first one i made as an example:

do you prefer clean and centered? (how i did the rest of the previous ones)

or with the name on it? (which makes it uncentered, but still is balanced)

(ignore the shading differences these were made at different times in the process)

also would u prefer handwriting (which will be a bit nicer than this one) or should i try playing with fonts for it??

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idk if you're still looking for preferences but i like the clean and centered one better personally

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I think I would prefer them w a name so easier for folks unfamiliar to know what which is. Also I think handwriting would be neat!

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hmmm bee like first one think!

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