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ok so random thought

tw: transphobia and use of a generalized "you"

I never understood the requirement for some transition things to "live as your gender" for x amount of time like??

i have been living as my gender for my entire life already, I just didn't know how to express it to others at first

is it because you want me to face direct transphobia for a while before making any decisions? are you hoping that will change my mind??

also if it's for surgery or smtn, do you know how hard it is to "live as your gender" when you are constantly outwardly viewed as your agab? I can't come out to every stranger that ever looks at me!


rly hoping i don't end up having to face smtn like this rule too heavily during my transition bc ugh it's already hard enough as it is

star-rice commented:

God yeah, transitioning medically is full of stupid pitfall situations like this. Hilariously enough, all you have to do is literally just be super confident and consistent to whichever medical professional you're dealing with. They just want to hear from your own mouth that "I have been making steps to assert my actual gender to people comprehensively". As far as I understand it, especially from a therapists perspective, they want to know that you have come out to people and have a support system because if you don't have one before you start medically transitioning, God help you when you do. A lot of it is conceivably a safety thing, even if its worded pretty offensively. The good news is, you found it offensive, so anyone asking you about it will likely walk away from that conversation with no doubt that you require whatever services it is.

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