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sketched up a little poe design when i first changed my username just for funsies, but i decided to color it today ^^

might use them as a mascot or smtn idk yet

first art on my new compter!!

and first time using clip studio paint too ^^ haven't tried any fancy settings or brushes yet, i'm just getting used to the layout still

this is the closest to looking like me i've drawn my sona so far i think? they're even sorta wearing clothes i own haha

yeah so no stream today after all

it's already kinda late and I don't feel good bc I had to go out today

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vampbyte -

last month i started a multi-part guide on drawing backgrounds for beginners (or any artist anxious about getting started!). i took some people's questions on twitter about things they struggle with most regarding backgrounds and i'm using those to write up this guide, so hopefully your burning questions about backgrounds are answered here!

  • how do perspective lines work?

  • how do you decide what to put in a character's room?

  • how do you make your backgrounds less flat?

all that and more is answered here!

these guides are free to read and will stay free to read. if you find them helpful consider supporting me on patreon or ko-fi if you like! i post free guides to my patreon regularly and bonus content for patrons 😊


Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 1): The Basics of Perspective

Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 2): The Basics of Depth

Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 3): Designing a Room with Personality

i hope these are helpful!

difficulty in expression

reupload cause last one fsr convert png sometime after upload which ... this supose be animate!
if this convert png again then not know what do :(

autiestella -

is "fav optical illusion" too weird/obscure question ask???
just want KNOW... so many so good ;o;

either way stella choose: scintillating grid illusion

image compose of black bg, grey lines, & white dots
if look right way, black dots seem appear & disappear inside white dots!

opportunity -

vdfihdgdhg this has been my favorite since 3rd grade too!!

difficulty in expression

autiestella -

wait stella so confuse, this is gif!!! it upload right when stella hit post but now look like just still png!!! what happen!!!

opportunity -

what gif maker u use? try making sure loop is set as infinity if option ^^

ok so random thought

tw: transphobia and use of a generalized "you"

I never understood the requirement for some transition things to "live as your gender" for x amount of time like??

i have been living as my gender for my entire life already, I just didn't know how to express it to others at first

is it because you want me to face direct transphobia for a while before making any decisions? are you hoping that will change my mind??

also if it's for surgery or smtn, do you know how hard it is to "live as your gender" when you are constantly outwardly viewed as your agab? I can't come out to every stranger that ever looks at me!


rly hoping i don't end up having to face smtn like this rule too heavily during my transition bc ugh it's already hard enough as it is

hello waterfyall! sorry for the absence

we found out the back wall of my room was badly made and water-damaged so I had to work every day this week so my dad had time to fix it (he also installed a window so i have natural light now yay)

we put an ac unit in the window too so i didnt sleep well bc new noises

so today im taking a recovery day, and ive got work tomorrow

but im considering doing a stream on sunday? i i got my new computer set up and id like to mess around with learning clip studio and trying out some games on it to see how it performs

if i do stream itll start maybe 3 or 4 pm central US time

ik im in a weird timezone for a lot of you, but i have to work monday so i cant stay up late this time ^^

the fact that im still deliberating on going back to college this semester and classes start in less than a month 🤔

if i dont go i lose my state funding and have to start paying back student loans, but if i do?? i have the chance of making friends ig but the risk of getting sick is higher sooo...

some recent photos, these ones havent been edited (i usually just color-correct my pics a bit)

ahh everyone looks like theyre having fun with artfight so far!

i can't even think about drawing till after the holiday is over 😭

beefox asked:

Stella thought math with letter scary? APPARENTLY there math with number that don't exist! that don't make sense! like. they make up number even though no make sense!! like apparently there number i and that is magic number that if times i*i then is -1 even though that not how number work!

bee hate this!!! why!!

autiestella -

O_o math ppl need be stop!!

opportunity -

as the resident good-at-math autistic, I agree that math ppl need to stop

seeing whatever being discussed on twitter and how ppl seem to be acting lately im big time considering just dropping out of college tbh. i cant learn well in online environments and it seems there's a good chance in-person classes wont be safe esp by next month

but dropping out means i have to start paying back student loans (or at least my dad does bc he used most of the money on the mortgage) and idk if the store is going well enough yet to support that. i dont even know who to talk to abt setting up payments

im glad im not in a big populated state but i still live p close to the capital city of mine and i certainly cant afford to not work

I'll discuss stuff with my dad after the 4th rush and probably focus on getting a new computer and commissions/streaming to maybe make some extra money?

I want to follow more people

phantomflame03 -

Interact with this post if you are

At least 17

Post Original (or fan)art including

  1. Digital art

  2. Traditional art

  3. Photography

  4. Crafts (especially yarn crafts)

It doesn't have to be constant, but I'd like to follow more artists!

Also Witchcraft/magic blogs

If you are younger than 17 you are welcome to follow me, but I likely won't follow back as I am (almost) 27 years old.

If I already follow you, you are welcome to repour to signalboost

some recent photos, these ones havent been edited (i usually just color-correct my pics a bit)

catch me mass-uploading my characters onto toyhouse bc i can't stream rn

my username there is opportunity ;)

Fantasy OC creator ask game!

squeaky-warrior -

I want... More characters. Also, ask games are fun, so send me a few of these and I'll draw something based on it!

For each emoji, you can optionally give me details, like quantity and color, or I can decide specifics.

You can pick more than one from each category if applicable, and if you add a + I'll combine them (for example, 🐏+🦄 could be a single curly ramicorn horn)


🐏 - ram horns

🦄 - unicorn horn

🐲 - dragon horns

😈 - devil horns

🦌 - antlers

🐞 - antanae

🐍 - cat/snake eyes

👁️ - cyclops

🕶️ - three or more eyes

👁️‍🗨️ - pupiless eyes

🕷️ - insect eyes

🙈 - no eyes

🕊️ - feather wings

🦇 - dragon wings

🦋 - butterfly wings

🐝 - dragonfly wings

🐾 - claws

✌️ - sharp fingernails

🐟 - webbed hands

🦉 - talon hands and feet

🦆 - talon feet only

🐐 - saytr feet

🐎 - centaur

🐬 - mermaid

🐉 - dragon tail

🐈 - cat tail

🐺 - wolf tail

➡️ - devil tail

🍓 - short pointy ears

🌽 - long pointy ears

🥭 - rounded pointy ears

🥬 - fur tufted ears

🐠 - fin ears

🧛‍♀️ - vampire teeth

💀 - all sharp teeth

🦅 - beak

🌊 - gills

🦜 - colorful skin/feathers/fur (specify)

⚔️ - weilds sword

🏹 - weilds bow and arrows

🌲 - weilds axe

🧙‍♂️ - weilds magic

🗡️ - weilds daggers

👑 - crown

👸 - tiara

🔮 - amulet

💞 - chocker necklace

🧒 - short hair

👧 - medium hair

👩 - long hair

🙋 -straight hair

💁 - wavy

🙆 - spiky

👩‍🦱 - curly hair

🧕 -wears hjab

Might add more to this later as I think of more things.

opportunity -


setting up stream now, be live in a few minutes!

opportunity -

i'm live now! first person in gets to help me with audio balance ^^

waterfall -

i saw a post saying a lot of waterfalls userbase is european, so if youre from north america, repour and say hi!

babushka -

i wanna encourage everyone who has a bad day but idk the right words to do it


if you see this

be encouraged

autiestella -

stella imagine bit like this ... accurate? :P

opportunity -

i heard there was gonna be a twitch blackout on Wednesday... but that's the only day i might have available to stream...

do i break the blackout (not like ill have v many ppl join me anyways tbh) or do i just give up on streaming completely..?

waterfall -

hey question whats going on here:

stop -

i think it sometimes takes a little while before the notes get fully registered?

waterfall -

ah i see! i'll try waiting a bit and hope they pop up.

opportunity -

that happenes to me sometime when ppl queue posts as well, it'll register as a note and then i see it repoured the next day with a queued tag?