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y is everyone so far into swsh so soon?? 

like take ur time! enjoy exploring! how can so many ppl be near the end game 2 days after release?!


idk how to ask this exactly but..

where would a good place be for a small tattoo that isnt immediately noticable by others but i can see?

(specifically my gender symbol, maybe surrounded by some stars?)

current yearning: to find a group of local enbies to work together with to figure out what hoops we have to jump through to get our gender legally changed in this state

thank you to everyone who came to the stream(s)! 

i didn't do anything these last few hours except finish the game but i've still got several hours of videos to sift through to get the stuff i need for my project separated

it was fun though! I'm looking forward to streaming again eventually, tho it'll probably just be an art stream next time ^^

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mush -
Brooklyn Gates 2019

Forgot to post this a while back but here's saiki kuriko!!


Was watching @opportunity play Undertale and got reminded of the existence of Angry Sprite Papyrus and. I love him.

open a word document and suddenly I don't remember how to start an essay

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mush -
Brooklyn Gates 2019

Blue dumbass AKA Rin Okumura

There he is. The boy. 

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Snow Princess Miku (Snow Miku 2019)

My first "finished" artwork in months! (but there's more in the pipeline)

I feel like it's still just a teeny bit early (for me at least) for wintery art, but I had started this back in August and just finished it, so I'm going to post it! ❄️

I saw an image of the figma figure for this Snow Miku at a booth at Anime Expo this past summer, and I loved the design! At one point I might want to draw one or two of the other Snow Miku designs from past years...

I almost left the background plain white but since I want to push myself to include some sort of background in more images I make, I just quickly made that scene...and for now it'll stay...

this is the first time I've ever drawn anything even remotely positive with my voidsona and???

anyways I saw this hairstyle and instantly loved it! I'm gonna grow out my hair to do it

also I finally decided to name them Quark!! 


Magical girl Drea! This one definitely ties for my favorite!

Commissions are open!

Simon Hatter

The Christmas Witch

A friend said a thing and a thing happened and now my shoulder hurts

but hey

it's cute!


i might get rid of my OC sideblog tbh??


i havent been updating it and i might as well repost all that here?


moving the list page might be a bit of a hassle if i have to redo all the links tho


Ok I need to stop forgetting to post stuff!

Here's some OCs I made

because I was thinking about the autism/robot connection and wanted to play around with it ^^ 

Mary is the girl with dark hair, and the light haired one is Izzie who is also a triplet (her sisters names are Gracie and Gemma)

Izzie and her sisters are androids created to study how social groups affect personality

I don't have a whole lot about them yet but maybe I'll play around with them in the future 

some stuff:

Mary- mostly nonverbal/semiverbal, Izzie is her favorite person, doesn't like loud noises

Izzie- a bit outgoing, doesn't understand human social structures, very good AI but can get overloaded sometimes, considers Mary in a similar way to a SO

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maybe when i get internet again i can try doing some art streams??

i havent done any since i got my latest laptop bc i draw directly on the screen and cant use my keyboard 

but perhaps if i do audio so i dont have to type at all?

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so we got internet last night but it's kinda slow and has a tendancy to get overloaded after a lot of youtube vids so

the problem is our router box is too old and we need to get a new one but that's more money

vii -

one of my oldest fursonas is a pokesona of one of the old 90s pokegods, which doesn't have a set look on account of uhhhhh not existing lmao.

names include corona mew, cyromew, cybermew, etc. i go with chronamew :3c

it was said to be an evolution of mew. fun fact! mew was added into the game late. like, right before release levels late. and few people actually knew it was even in the game to begin with, which is what started its truly legendary status!

i love mew can u tell

ok i actually changed my discord handle and updated my about this time 👍


It's the girl!

I love her a lot!

Commissions are open!

Erin's Informed Consent HRT map of the US - Google My Maps

Lets make informed consent easier to access. Follow me on twitter @erininthemorn. Let me know there if anything has changed or if any of these are wrong, or if I'm missing any! If the info is of use to use, please consider donating to my gofundme, as I am in a battle to keep custody of my child post-transition. https://www.gofundme.com/f/geterinssonback

I found an amazing resource on twitter yesterday! This is a map of informed consent hrt clinics in the United States. Meaning no therapist note required and no "real life test", they provide hormone treatment as long as you know the risks and consent (unfortunately age guidelines and parental consent are likely still a concern). The info is community sourced and less than 3 years old. Some things may be inaccurate, but the person who created it is still working to update and refine it. Please share if you can!

maybe when i get internet again i can try doing some art streams??

i havent done any since i got my latest laptop bc i draw directly on the screen and cant use my keyboard 

but perhaps if i do audio so i dont have to type at all?

vii -

first set of ff7 ponies on the bases i drew! [part two can be found here]

cloud, tifa, aeris and barret. i'm not wholly happy with barret but i couldn't figure out what else to do with him so here he stays